The Perfect Valentines Day Gift

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A collection of products chosen for its hydrating, and collagen stimulating abilities.

What distinguishes the components of these products, is its high nutritional content, light weight, and its ability to penetrate the skin so easily, resulting in more collagen production, deep hydration, and nourishment.

Follow these steps for guaranteed results.

Morning routine

Spray the Pure Rose Water on your skin, then use a pea size of the Moroccan Deep Hydration, and lastly put on your sunscreen.

Evening routine

On a clean skin, use the Moroccan deep hydration. (it can also work as a primer prior to make-up)

Note: you can use the rose water mist anytime throughout the day. (use it after make-up to get that dewy make-up look)

Night routine

in a circular motion, put 1-2 drops of the advanced eye serum around your eyes, then put one full pump of the Pure Jojoba Oil serum, and gently massage your face, then apply a generous amount of the Moroccan Deep Hydration, followed with the Pure Rose Water mist, and good night!

Our team of skincare specialists is always here to help. Contact us at anytime! 

Items included:

1-Moroccan Deep Hydration

2-Pure Jojoba Oil (100 ml)

3-Pure Rose Water

4-Advanced Eye Serum

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