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Summer Care Essential

Summer Care Essential

AED 315.00


Don’t let the heat-sunny day stop you from having all the fun!

Upgrade your skincare routine for this summer with Sopure London’s premium collection of natural and organic products to BEAT THE HEAT.

  • NATURAL ROSE WATER: Refreshes, Nourishes, Hydrates and Soothe your skin and gives you an instant coolish feeling. Sopure London’s Rose Water is made by traditional rose water steam distillation and is enriched with rose oil. It also has aromatherapeutic properties to suit all skin types.
  • ANTIOXIDANT FACE MASK: A blend of ultra-hydrating benefits of Argan Oil and Prickly Pear revitalize your complexion, remove tan with regular usage, balance your skin tone, purify and hydrate your skin with Antioxidant Face Mask from Sopure London.
  • MOROCCAN BELDI SOAP (EUCALYPTUS): Cleanse your skin from dead skin cells and impurities with our traditional gel-like soap from Morocco, presented by Sopure London. Eucalyptus Beldi Soap also has natural olive oil, and Vitamin E that assist in anti-inflammatory properties exfoliating the skin and helping to provide silky-smooth skin.


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