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Our Complete Set

Our Complete Set

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We have prepared a whole range of our products for the lovers of authentic, natural skincare.

Our products are enriched with nature’s so pure and powerful ingredients to pamper and hydrate the skin and address the advanced signs of ageing.

Entirely senthetic-free, our skin and self-care products are embodied by therapeutic scents, luxurious textures and gorgeous aesthetics.

each product has its purpose, but all combined together will create ultimate results.

Moroccan Deep Hydration moisturizer: use it in the morning prior to sunscreen, and at night after using your serum. it also works great as a primer prior to make-up.

Pure Rose water: use it on your skin and hair anytime throughout the day. It will balance the PH level of your skin and hair, and calms down inflammation. It’s also very light and refreshing (use it after applying your make-up to get that dewy make-up look).

Antioxident Face Mask: use it once or twice a week to detoxify your skin, while also providing it with key nutrients.

Advanced Eye Serum: in a circular motion, apply 2 drops of the eye serum (one to each eye) and massage it to break down the tension and enhance the blood circulation around your eyes, it is rich in prickly pear oil, which works wonders when it come to treating dark under eye circles, and preventing all signs of ageing.

Jojoba Oil: use it on your hair and skin. it has proven to stimulate collagen which will prevent the appearing of fine lines and wrinkles, while also balancing skin and scalp oil production. apply it as a night facial serum, and on your scalp & hair one hour before washing it, or you can use it as an over-night hair treatment (you can also use 2 drops of it as a leave-in hair serum).

Argan Beauty Elixir: it is so rich and light, it will penetrate the skin so easily adding nourishment and elasticity. Use it as a night serum and on your hair & scalp one hour before washing it, or you can use it as an over night hair treatment (you can also use 2 drops of it as a leave-in hair serum).

Tea Tree Optimal Repair: use as a night serum prior to moisturizer and rose water and enjoy the instant results in the next day. It helps calm inflammation and create a healing environment for oily and acne-prone or damaged skin.

Hair Oil: use it to massage your scalp and down to your hair ends, wait one hour then wash your hair or use it as an over-night hair treatment. you can also apply 2-3 drops as a leave-in serum on your hair ends.

Moroccan Ghassoul: it can be used as a hair mask, scalp scrub, and a body mask. it detoxifies the hair, scalp, and skin. mix it with the rose water until the texture is creamy to pasty. leave it on skin or hair for 2-4 minutes then rinse off with water.

Moroccan Beldi Soap: use it to cleanse your skin and remove the top layer of dead skin cells, resulting in silky, smooth skin. as a last step of your shower, while your pores are open, use it with a soft loofah or with your fingers, gently massage your skin then rinse it off with water.

1- Moroccan Deep Hydration moisturizer

2- Pure Rose Water

3- Pure Jojoba oil (50ml)

4- Argan Beauty Elixir (50ml)

5-Optimal Repair Serum (tea tree)

6- Antioxident Face Mask

7- Advanced Eye Serum

8- Moroccan Beldi Soap

9- Moroccan Ghassoul

10- Hair Oil


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