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Oily Skin Routine Set

Oily Skin Routine Set

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We gathered these products in a beautiful set, aiming to solve most of oily skin problems, while adding nourishment and restoring skin’s natural balance.

use these products according to the following instructions, and we guarantee you will experience less oil production, and a more unified, brightened skin color.

Morning routine:

Spray the pure rose water on a clean skin, then use your sunscreen.

Evening routine:

on a clean skin, apply a pea size of the Moroccan deep Hydration. (it also works as a make-up primer)

Note: you can use the pure rose water anytime throughout the day.

Night routine:

use the antioxident face mask twice a week only, prior to any of the routines(morning, evening, or night).

Apply the Optimal repair serum on a clean skin, followed with the Moroccan deep hydration, lastly spray the pure rose water, and good night!

Follow these steps, and contact us if you have any questions.

1-Optimal repair serum

2-Moroccan deep hydration moisturizer

3-Pure rose water

4-Antioxidant face mask


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