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Moroccan Beauty Elixir of Argan Oil

Moroccan Beauty Elixir of Argan Oil

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Sopure London UAE’s Moroccan Beauty Elixir of Argan Oil for face is also called the Miracle Oil of Morroco and Liquid Gold. Do you know why? 

  • Moisturizes dry Skin and Nourishes: Organic Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E, making it an excellent moisturizer for the skin. It is nourishing yet delicate, providing just the right amount of moisture the skin requires, leaving it soft, smooth, and supple. You should definetly include skin care routine in your skin care routine.
  • Anti-Aging Properties: Due to the surplus of antioxidants in Argan oil it neutralizes the free radicals that lead to the aging process. Regular usage of Moroccan Beauty Elixir of Argan Oil will assist in reducing the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. 
  • Reduces Inflammation: Moroccan Beauty Elixir of Argan Oil is the best as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Eczema, acne and psoriasis are just a few of the inflamed skin diseases that Argan oil can help to treat. 
  • Game Changer for Hair: Argan oil for hair provides intense hydration, damage repair, nourishment, restore shine, revive dullness, reduce frizziness. 
  • Strengthen Nails: Promote healthy nails and prevents nail chipping/brittle nails. 
  • Stretch Marks: The vitamin E and essential fatty acids in Argan oil help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, promoting skin elasticity and healing. 
  • Promoting Skin Elasticity, Protecting skin when applied against sun damage and Lip Moisturisation are the other benefits that you can get with the Argan oils ingredients.
Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Recyclable Packaging

Recyclable Packaging

Made in England

Made in England

  • Face — Apply a few drops to the entire face once daily or as required.
  • Body — Generously apply to dry and sensitive skin after showering.
  • Hair — Apply thoroughly from scalp to ends as a hair mask, and lightly on the ends on damp hair.

Argania Spinosa (argan) Kernel oil

5 reviews for Moroccan Beauty Elixir of Argan Oil

  1. Vivian

    My skin is dry and sensitive and I must moisturize it before and after shaving, this product is my savior, so gentle, so hydrating and it protects my skin from the side effects of shaving

  2. Muhammed N.

    Very good one, an excellent product.

  3. Suhaila

    This argan oil is the best I’ve come across so far. It is really what is says

  4. Nabeel

    great after shave serum

  5. Meera

    Sopure London’s Argan oil is my favorite, i’m glad I bought this and tried it. I have a 2-year daughter and had stretch marks since her birth, i use it every day before sleep and within 1 month I started seeing amazing results.

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