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Detoxifying Haircare Trio

Detoxifying Haircare Trio

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We all go through a phase where we used too many hair styling products, and now, we can’t get rid of the remaining on our scalp.

sometimes you don’t feel that there is any product residue on your scalp, but it is there, and it is blocking your hair follicles, and causing you hair loss.

The best thing to do here, is to use a products that would help get rid of all that residue, while maintaining moisture, nourishment and a balanced PH level.

Follow these steps for guaranteed results:

Step 1

Massage your scalp with the “Hair Oil”, then apply it on your hair ends and wait for one hour.

while waiting, prepare the ghassoul paste by mixing the “Moroccan Ghassoul” with the “Pure Rose Water” (mix them gradually until the texture is pasty)

Step 2

After shampooing, massage your scalp with the ghassoul paste and spread it all the way to the ends (the Moroccan ghassoul helps to detoxify your hair and scalp and scrub away dandruff and old product residue)

leave it for two minutes, then rinse off with water.

Step 3

After showering, spray the “Pure Rose Water” on your hair, it will help balance the PH level of your hair, then apply 2-3 drops of the hair oil (from the middle and until the ends of your hair)

  • Don’t hesitate to contact us if you needed any help, our skincare experts are always here for you.
  • Moroccan ghassoul
  • Pure rose water
  • Hair oil


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