Welcome to the SOPURE LONDON Partner Program

Our partner program is designed to give our successful partners the opportunity to earn as they promote our all natural, beautiful products to the world.

We are a company with a simple but important philosophy - to make natural beauty simple. We try to apply this to all aspects of our company, so, we are going to explain our partner program in the simplest way possible.

The partner program is based on three factors:

  • Commission tiers
  • Time
  • Number of sales

We will now elaborate on each of those.


Commission tiers

There are 3 levels of commission, each level requires you to make a certain amount of sales for you to receive the commission amount at that tier.

  • 1 - 300 individual sales: You will receive 10% commission based on each sale within this range.
  • 300 - 850 individual sales: You will receive 20% commission based on each sale within this range.
  • 850+ individual sales: You will receive 40% commission based on each sale within this range.


    The commission tier system is based on 4 calendar month cycles, where you have the opportunity to reach higher tiers within 4 months to receive maximum commission. After 4 months, the sales count is then reset for another cycle of 4 months, and so on.


    Number of sales

    Sale numbers determine the level of commission you are on e.g. 380 sales were made using your coupon code/link, you will receive 10% commission on 300 of those sales and 20% commission on the remaining 80, as each amount fits into the 1-300, and 300-850 commission rate tiers respectively.

    Sale numbers are reset every 4 calendar months. This means that if you have reached a number of 500 sales by the end of a 4 calendar month cycle, they would be reset to 0 at the start of another 4 calendar month cycle.


    How you're paid

    Payments are made on a monthly basis, at the end of each month. Bank transfer is our preferred method of payment, PayPal is also accepted but may incur some charges on the partner’s part.